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Six Wives of Henry VIII (1970) - Episode 2 - Anne Boleyn

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make me choose » anonymous asked Henry VIII or Charles Brandon

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Henry/Elizabeth Fic (with Arthur, Margaret and Harry)

Hey there. Here’s another fic from me. Elizabeth POV (I love writing her!). Set in early 1497 between the first Cornish Rebellion and the imminent threat of Perkin Warbeck in Scotland. I wanted to explore Henry and Elizabeth’s moods and thoughts during this specific time, imagining them as a little more fraught and haggard than my first fic where it’s romantic and they’re both lighthearted and hopeful. I also wanted to explore a bit of their relationship with their children (age 11, 8 and 6). I fell into a similar set up like the last fic (setting the main action within a game, this time chess instead of cards, since it’s a way to have them be alone together right away without much exposition), but I liked how it turned out. Hope you do too! Once again, complete fiction.

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